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Campanha Anti SPAM

As reported on POSTMASTER page, we use a blacklist maintained and administered by the Specialist.

Blacklist powered by Specialist Linux Solutions
(Soon this list will be in a RBL style)

In what situation an IP is blocked?
If we detect spam from a given IP, we try to ask its controller to analyze the issue (we use the contact information obtained through WHOIS). If it isn’t  the first time that this happens and/or we got no response from the IP owner (or even when the contact email does not exist, returning error after sending the email), the IP is blacklisted.

In what situation all the entire IP range is blocked?
This is done only in special situations: When the amount of spam is too much (either by several submissions to the same destination or by a large number of recipients), and/or when the sender uses several IPs from the same block/owner (we do a WHOIS lookup to see this information), and/or we cannot contact the IP owner, among other factors.

In what situation a domain or sender is blocked?
By default, we avoid to blacklist a domain (or a particular sender), but there are special cases where we have no other choice but to make this. Some spammers use dynamic IP connections, or a “zombie machine” for SPAMMING (using a different server each time), in this case, we have no alternative instead blocking the domain or sender. To do that blocking, we try to find some commonality like the “From”, “Return-Path” etc.

Is there any other type of blocking?
Yes, some of them are made because the message’s subject, like ILOVEYOU and many other “worms” signature.

My IP / Domain is blacklisted, how do I remove it from the list?
Email us in Security Team Specialist(this is the ONLY way to contact us), explaining what happened to your IP or Domain, explain what actions was taken to solve the incident. Please, do not send mail “demanding the immediate release”, be polite and follow the procedures described here.

If there are any question about a particular blocking,
please email us: Security Team Specialist