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This page provides information to information technology professionals who administer systems, networks and routers and are having trouble reaching some Specialist server. However, it is not intended to provide extensive support to end users. If you are a end-user and need support, please visit the page Suporte or contact your technical support if you are not a customer of Specialist.

If you are having trouble accessing our servers in our Data Center*, check how are the routes to access them.

If the problem is for delivery of messages (e-mails) and not routing, see our page “postmaster“.

Our IP block in IPv4 is (from that is advertised) and in IPv6 are 2804:1a4:1::/112 and 2804:1a4::1:0/112 (from 2804:1a4::/32 that is advertised). We AS is 28140, which belongs to Maxiweb, owner of the Data Center where we are.

At no time or in any way we blocked ICMP (ping and traceroute).

Use some LG (Looking Glass) and see how they are public routes until we come up, compare them with the routes you have in your router (if you’re using BGP) as well as access our own LG and see how the routes are to reach you.

But there may be some IP that are blocked in our firewalls due to a problem that it caused  (eg: DoS). If, after all the verification, you do not encounter problems and still can not access us, please inform your IP / CIDR and any other information that may be relevant to the solution of the problem (as the date that the problem started to occur, the result of a traceroute to one of our IPs, pings, etc.).

* Does not include servers in a client that use the Specialist Solutions, since it is located within the company or in another data center not affiliated with the Specialist. For these, see who is responsible for network and internet traffic and contact them directly (you can check this information by looking the IP in a whois).

If you still have questions or need to contact reporting any problems, please contact us by email in NOCor call the INOC-DBA in 28140*100

If you can’t contact us with any of these means, try our “Contact” page.